Operating Systems Supported by Symantec DeployCenter 5.7

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The Symantec DeployCenter 5.7 is supported using Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and DOS. The DeployCenter will install into Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT but it is not supported when using those operating systems. Symantec DeployCenter has limited Vista support.

Note: Only the ImageCenter and the DOS utilities are supported under DOS.

See the Symantec DeployCenter Manual page 16, "DCMANUAL.PDF" which is included with the Ghost Solution Suite or from the following web site:
The DeployCenter will work on servers but not on Domain Controllers. To image a Domain Controller the machine must be demoted in order for an image to be created.
    Symantec DeployCenter does not support 64-bit operating systems. Symantec DeployCenter may work under 32-bit emulation however, this is not recommended or supported by Symantec.

    Linux OS: ImageCenter is not a native Linux application. In order to use it on a Linux machine, it must run it from DOS disks.

    Symantec DeployCenter has limited Vista support as follows:

    · Symantec DeployCenter Library tools will run on WinPE 2.0.
    · Symantec DeployCenter Library cannot be installed on Vista, and the tools will not run on Vista.
    · Symantec DeployCenter Library tools can handle the disk layouts as seen by Vista disk manager.
    · System restore points that are captured during image creation are removed upon image deployment.
    · If a disk signature does not already exist on a target disk, Symantec DeployCenter Library tools create a new disk signature for the cloned disk and patch it into the registry of mounted devices in Vista.
    · Symantec DeployCenter Library tools support the new Vista boot manager configuration updates.
    · Symantec DeployCenter Library tools work with non-cylinder aligned partitions. In restore operations an image file is restored with the same partition alignment as was captured.
    · PQDisk can resize and move Vista partitions.
    · When dealing with transactional NTFS, Symantec DeployCenter Library tools trigger the resource manager to reset it to eliminate all unresolved transactions, if any, upon next boot.
    · Symantec DeployCenter Library tools do not support BitLocker.
    · A Virtual Floppy can be executed on Vista.
    · PQDisk can change the partition size and move the partition on Vista.

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