How to generate a partition table using PartInfo.exe

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Download for use with Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.0 or later.

  1. Build a boot disk using WinPE including the PartInfo.exe executable.
      1. Open the Boot Wizard.
      2. Select any WinPE driver list you like.
      3. Click on Next.
      4. Select Standard Boot Disk.
      5. Hit Next four times.
      6. Choose a type of boot disk that is writable, such as USB disk ( flash drive ).
      7. Click Next and Add and Add.
      8. Browse to the PartInfo.exe file you downloaded.
      9. In the box called ' Destination folder on the media ' specify ' ghost ' ( without quotes ).
      10. Click on OK, Next, Next.
  2. Boot the client computer to WinPE using the boot disk you created in step 2 above. Wait until the Ghost blue and gray screen shows up.
  3. Exit out of Ghost using ^C. It should take you to a black window with a prompt X:\Windows\system32.
  4. Type cd.. twice. This should change the prompt to X;\.
  5. Type cd ghost. The prompt should now read X:\ghost.
  6. Type PartInfo.exe and hit Enter.
  7. After running PartInfo.exe, there will be a PartInfo.txt file in the same directory. Copy this file to the flash drive you used in step 2.6. Send this file to technical support.



PARTINFO.EXE (29 kBytes)

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