Tips for Hot Imaging with Ghost Solution Suite 2.5

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You want to take a hot image of your workstation and want to know about any tips or best practices that will ensure that you get a good backup image.


Hot Imaging with GSS 2.5 can only be performed on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Hot imaging with GSS 2.5.1 can be performed on XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Hot imaging cannot be performed on any other operating system including Server Class OS's.

  1. The Volume Shadow Copy service should be in a state other than "disabled". Note that if you are using any database software on the computer you want to take a hot image of, that database software must be stopped to prevent damage to the database file. If the database application is VSS Aware, the Volume Shadow Copy service will shut down the database for you. If the database application is not VSS aware, you will need to stop the database service prior to capturing an image.
  2. You might have to use the -forcevolumesnapshot switch with Ghost. For more information about this switch, see the document Error 1959: "Volume could not be locked" or "Cloning via Volume Snapshot has failed" appears when an attempt is made to create an image with "Hot Imaging"
  3. Firewalls can block necessary communications. For port usage, see the document 'How the Ghost Console and Client communicate over the network' available at

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