Step by Step How To Install pcAnywhere 12.5.

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Step by step documentation is required for how to install pcAnywhere 12.5 the following can be referenced.

NOTE:  The screenshots and steps below were written for pcAnywhere 12.5.1 through 12.5.4.  There are differences in the installation process of the latest version of pcAnywhere 12.5.5 currently available from Symantec.


1. Insert the pcAnywhere CD ROM, if the auto run menu doesn’t open then go to the CD ROM and double click the Setup.exe. If you have the install files extracted to a folder and do not have a CD then browse to that folder and double click the Setup.exe

2. From the Menu that opens select the Install Symantec pcAnywhere link.

3. Select the appropriate Install Language, Click OK.

4. Click Next on the Welcome screen.

5. Select the I accept radio button and click Next.

6. Enter or update the Customer Information as needed and click Next.

7. Select destination and click Next.

8. On the Custom Setup screen determine if you will be using the Host Administrator and the Host Administrator Agent and then as appropriate select the extra features that you may decide to use. (Host administrator and host administrator agent are not required to use pcAnwhere but rather an extra tool to aid with the administration of pcAnywhere)

    a. Click Host Administrator.
    b. Select This feature will be installed on the local hard drive.
    c. Click Host Administrator Agent.
    d. Select This feature will be installed on the local hard drive.
    e. click Next.

9. Select the your desired choices for shortcuts and click Install.

10. Check the radio button for Create pcAnywhere Host Administrator desktop shortcut
11. Click Finish.


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