Where to find Intel ICH9 or ICH10 SATA / AHCI Controller drivers?

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You need a driver for the Intel ICH9 SATA / AHCI controller and have had a hard time finding them or extracting the files downloaded from Intel's web page. 


Task may be failing at the step "To Virtual Partition" and the driver named in the Intel SATA driver.


Affected machines include, late model machines with updated Intel ICH9 or ICH10 SATA / AHCI hard drive controllers.


Ghost solution suite is shipped with numerous drivers to cover a large number of hardware configurations but as manufactures update hardware it becomes necessary to add newer drivers to the Ghost driver database.  The Intel ICH9 and ICH10 SATA controllers are common controllers used in late model computers and may need updated drivers to work correctly.





The downloads from the Intel site, in addition to being difficult to locate, have incorrect instructions for extracting them without installing them in the ReadMe file. Attached is the extracted files downloaded from Intel and packaged in a simple *.ZIP format.

They may be added to the Ghost Boot Wizard according to these directions:

How to add drivers to DeployAnywhere or WinPE.


Intel ICH9 Drivers from Intel.com for use with the Ghost Boot Wizard
intel_ich9.zip (468 kBytes)
Intel ICH10 Drivers from Intel.com for use with the Ghost Boot Wizard
intel_ich10.zip (468 kBytes)

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