Step by Step How To Install and use pcAnywhere Gateway

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If step by step documentation is required for how to install and use pcAnywhere Gateway the following can be referenced.


The pcAnywhere Gateway automatically discovers the pcAnywhere hosts that are running on the same subnet on which the pcAnywhere Gateway service is running. More subnets can be added as needed and will be discovered by the pcAnywhere Gateway service.


Gateway usage scenario
Symantec pcAnywhere Gateway facilitates the process of finding and connecting to host computers that are behind a firewall, router, or other Network Address Translation (NAT) device.

In the above diagram, the Gateway inside the private network will find all of the pcAnywhere hosts in the private network. The administrator will have to configure port forwarding on the router to forward all of the traffic on port 5631 (tcp) and on port 5632 (udp) to the gateway. Thus any remote computer which connects to the public IP address will be able to connect to the computers inside the network which have pcAnywhere installed.

Installing Symantec pcAnywhere Gateway

Gateway Machine

1. If the auto run menu doesn’t open when inserting the pcAnywhere CD then go to the CD ROM and double click the Setup.exe.

2. Click View Other Installation Options.

4. Click Install Symantec pcAnywhere Gateway.

5. Select your Language and click OK.

6. Click Next .

7. Select I Accept click Next

8. The default install location is fine select Next

9. Choose a password or uncheck the Require a password to connect to the gateway box and click Next.

10. Click Next.

11. Click Finish.

9. Open the Gateway and look how it is set up when no one is connected through it.

Host Machine
Confirm that a host on the same network as the gateway is running waiting for a connection.

If not Launch a host and confirm it is now waiting for connection.

Connecting to a Host through pcAnywhere Gateway.

Remote machine

1. From the pcAnywhere Manager menu select Remote.

2. From the File menu select File > New Item > Advanced . . .

3. The Remote properties menu opens, on the Connection Info tab.

    a. Check the box next to Connect through Gateway or Access server line.
    b. Select Details

    c. Make sure that the radio button Gateway is chosen and Click Details
    d. Name or IP Address: Use your gateways name or IP.
    e. If you left the password blank in step 8 above then leave it blank here also.
    f. Select OK

4. Select OK

5. Name the Remote appropriately for your environment.

6. Connect to the host through the gateway by double clicking on the remote that was just made.

7. From the pcAnywhere Waiting screen select host and click OK.

Note: All available hosts on your gateway’s subnet will be listed here.

8. When asked for Caller login credentials use the user and password we set up on this host

Gateway Machine.
1. Open the Gateway and note the active connection that is now listed. Only active connections will be listed on the Gateway machine.

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