Release notes: Symantec bv-Admin Web Portal v7.20 SP1

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Welcome to bv-Admin Web Portal, the industry leader in cross-directory management and migration. bv-Admin simplifies the administration of multiple enterprise directories by providing Role-based delegation and Approval-based workflow for administrative tasks.
bv-Admin Web Portal v7.20 SP1 provides access to bv-Admin for Windows v7.20 SP1 Server through a web-based application. This product provides trustee specific functionalities for managing Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Exchange 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Active Directory environment


System Requirements

bv-Admin Web Portal v7.20 SP1 has minimum system requirements for installation and use. Before installing the product, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements as listed below:

Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5.0, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, or Windows Server 2003 Standard with IIS 6.0
NTFS Partition (cannot be installed on a FAT drive)
CPU - Pentium IV 1.6 GHz+
RAM - 1 GB or more
Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
MS SQL Server 2000 / 7.0 or MSDE
Disk space for bv-Admin Web Portal - 120 MB
Disk space for data share - 10 MB per trustee recommended
CD ROM Drive
VGA or higher resolution screen set at 1024 x 768

To access bv-Admin Web Portal, your computer must have Internet Explorer 6.0 or later installed.

Known Issues

We recommend that you review the following notes before using bv-Admin Web Portal v7.20 SP1:

If NetBIOS is disabled, you may have problems navigating to the Database Server machines from trusted domains while running the Web Portal Configuration Wizard. To avoid this, type the Database Server machine name instead of using Browse (...).
The Property sheet of a document is not displayed correctly if the user submits documents for printing from a Windows 2003 machine with the Print Setup as Landscape.
You may be asked to restart the computer if the recent version of msxml3 is already installed, or it has been loaded during installation.
Portal is unable to validate SMTP service on a member server.
The Terminal Service Home Directory field in AD cannot be updated if it was set in Native tool on XP workstations.
Setup allows the user to install the Web Portal Server binaries in the installation folder of bv-Admin.
The Reset Password task is not displayed if the user does not have the right to change passwords, and if Access Check is selected.
User objects with a slash (/) in the name are not supported.
The 'Access Denied' error appears if a custom role with minimum rights required to create a mailbox is assigned to a trustee, and the trustee has rights on the Exchange container. To avoid this, use the Mailbox Administrator role.
Since bv-Admin Web Portal does not support Novell NDS®, co-management of objects from these namespaces is not supported.
When you view Windows NT user accounts in the results view, even disabled user accounts show the Enabled icon.
A trustee's work environment should be refreshed using Update Roles, if a Managed Collection over which a trustee has a role is renamed.
The Create Mailbox operation fails if the bv-Admin for Windows Server and bv-Admin Web Portal are installed on a Windows Server 2003, and Exchange 2000 is installed on a Windows 2000 Server in the trusted domain.
The containers where approval based operations are enabled are visible only if a bv-Admin Web Portal user has at least one role.
Global Settings may not be visible if the trustee is a member of local admin group via recursive and multi-level group membership.
If Microsoft Exchange 2000 System Management Tools is not installed on the bv-Admin Web Portal computer, then even if the trustee has the required permissions, the Create Mailbox operation will fail if the managed Active Directory tree (which has the Exchange server) is a trusted domain of the bv-Admin Web Portal domain.
Some tasks on Services will not be displayed if a trustee is assigned the Domain Manager role, but not the Service Manager role.

Change History

Following is the list of new features in bv-Admin Web Portal v7.20 SP1:

Exchange 2003 Compliance
Print Job Management

Your BindView product CD contains the bv-Admin for Windows User Guide available in the PDF format.

This manual provides information on features, installation/configuration and using the product. You must have Acrobat Reader installed to read these documents.

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