Release Notes: Symantec Password Self Service v8.00 Patch 16 - PSS80000219198

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Patch: 16- PSS80000219198

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Associated Product/Version: BindView Password Self Service v8.00
Release Date: May 26, 2006

Hotfix 116
BindView Password Self Service 8.00
Uninstalling DirectLogin does not restore the old GINA.

-- Particulars --
When DirectLogin is uninstalled, it always restore the default Microsoft GINA DLL (MSGINA.DLL). If another GINA application was installed before the DirectLogin, then it needs to be uninstalled and installed back again in order to restore the GINAL DLL of that application e.g., Novell NetWare Client (NWGINA.DLL).


When DirectLogin is installed, DirectLogin setup will preserve the old GINA settings that was installed prior to DirectLogin. This enables DirectLogin setup to restore the old GINA DLL or the default Microsoft GINA DLL when the DirectLogin is uninstalled.
How to apply the Hotfix:
Install the hotfix on Bindview Password Self Service Server. This will update the DirectLogin package on the server. In addition, this will also update the INI file 'pssurlfile.ini' in order to add a new key 'RevertBackToPrevGINA' under the section 'PSS_DIRECTLOGIN'. Set this key to 'Yes' to restore the old GINA DLL or set this to 'No' to restore the default Microsoft GINA DLL (MSGINA.DLL). By default it is set to 'No'. After updating the INI file redeploy DirectLogin package using GPO (Group Policy Objects).

The 'pssurlfile.ini' file is located at ':\Program Files\BindView\Password Self Service\DirectLogin\Password Self Service DirectLogin'.
The following applications are required to apply the hotfix.
  1. BindView Password Self Service 8.00
  2. BindView Password Self Service 8.00 - Hotfix 115

To install the hotfix.
  1. Close all bv-Admin applications.
  2. Run BindView_PSS80000219198_HF116.exe.
    The installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.

To rollback the hotfix run the file BindView_PSS80000219198_HF116.exe that was used to install the hotfix. The hotfix setup will guide you through the rollback process.
Hotfix Contents

 BindView Password Self Service DirectLogin 8.00.msi
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