Release Notes: Symantec Password Self Service v8.00 Hotfix 10

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Patch: 10- PSS80000181134

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Associated Product/Version: BindView Password Self Service v8.00
Release Date: Sep 13, 2005

Hotfix 110
BindView Password Self Service v8.00

Certain features of bv-Admin Web Portal v8.00 and/or bv-Admin for Windows v8.00 may not work if BindView Password Self Service v8.00 is uninstalled from the machine on which either bv-Admin Web Portal v8.00 and/ or bv-Admin for Windows v8.00 are installed.

Some of interfaces of ActiveDS get un-registered when BindView PasswordSelfService v8.00 is un-installed from the computer. ActiveDS.tlb will get registered after running this hotfix.

Launch the Web Client and try doing basic search. It gives an error "Schema for namespace 4 is not available".

Following products are required to be installed before installing this hotfix:
  • This update requires bv-Admin for Windows 8.00 and/or bv-Admin Web Portal 8.00 are installed on the computer.
  • You should have administrative rights on this computer.
  • You have un-installed BindView Password Self Service 8.00 from the computer.

Installing the Hotfix
Before installing the hotfix, all bv-Admin applications must be closed.
To install the hotfix, run the BindView_PSS8000181134_HF110.exe file.

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