How to uninstall Control Compliance Suite (CCS) v8.5 / 8.6 - Data Collection

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What are the steps to completely remove or uninstall the Control Compliance Suite v8.5 / v8.6 - Data Collection from a computer?

CCS v8.5 / v8.6 is formerly known as bv-Control for Windows and the RMS Console and Information Server.


Follow these steps to remove the RMS Console, the Information Server, and bv-Control for Windows product from a computer:

1. Open Add\Remove Programs applet in Control Panel.
2. Highlight Symantec Control Compliance Suite 8.50 – Data Collection, then click the Change\Remove button.
3. Choose Uninstall \ All to remove all products.
NOTE: If you are prompted, DO NOT remove any user service accounts.
4. From Add\Remove Programs, also remove the following if they are listed:
  • Bindview Query Engines
  • Enterprise Configuration Service
  • BV Support Services
5. Open Windows Explorer, then browse to the C:\Program Files\Symantec, or the default installation location for CCS v8.5 Data Collection. If the installation folder still exists, delete it.
6. Click Start > Run > then type regedit. Delete the following registry key:
7. Launch SQL Enterprise Manager. Connect to computer name hosting the RMS Console and Information Server database. Delete the BV database.
NOTE: In cases where there is concern about data loss, always backup databases before deleting them.
8. Restart the computer. This completes the uninstall process.

Following are additional steps that could be included as part of the uninstall process, but are not critical to removing the associated application:

9. Uninstall MSDE from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Then, delete its directory on the computer.
NOTE: This allows the SMC Data Collection v8.50 to install MSDE as a default instance with the necessary rights and permissions that the BV groups need.
10. Install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, then run it. Be sure to select only Symantec CCS products to clear them from the MSI installer.
NOTE: For information on the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, visit

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