How to create a Distribution Rule in bv-Control for Windows for a group of computers on a Domain.

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A Master Query Engine (MQE) is on a production network. A Slave Query Engine (SQE) is at another site, across a WAN connection. Is there some way to configure the query engines so that the MQE handles everything on the production network, and the SQE only queries servers on the remote network?



Create the Computer Group

  1. Open bv-Config.
  2. Right-click the Domain which has the computers to be reported on by the single Slave Query Engine (SQE).
  3. Go to "Manage Computer Groups".
  4. Click New Group.
  5. Give it a name-based on the site or any other naming scheme.
  6. Click Add, then select "Browse all computers in domain", and select all the computers to be reported on by the single SQE.
  7. Click OK. Click OK again.
  8. Synchronize the Master Query Engine (MQE).

Create the Distribution Rule

  1. Still in bv-Config, click on the MQE and go to "Distribution rules".
  2. In the toolbar, Click the button with the (+) sign to add a distribution rule.
  3. Select "Computer group".
  4. Click Browse for groups and select the computer recently created. Click OK.
  5. Select the SQE chosen to report on that computer group from the Available Query Engines, and move it over to Selected Query Engines.
  6. Select if you want failover or not.
  7. Click OK.

Set the Default Group

  1. In the toolbar, click on the button with a check mark to set the default group.
  2. Move the MQE over to Selected query engines and click OK.

Verify Distribution Rule

  1. In the toolbar, click the button with the glasses (View results of Distribution Rules).
  2. Each column represents each Query Engine. Verify that the computers in the group are under the SQE column.
  3. Click OK.

Youare prompted to save the rules and synchronize again when you click outside of the MQE or close bv-Config.

For more options and further explanation of Distribution Rules, refer to the installation files under \\Docs\Getting Started Guides\bv-Control_for_Windows_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf on page 97, or press F1 for the Help file in the RMS Console and type "Distribution Rules" in the Search box.


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