How to manually update Patch Assessment files in bv-Control for Windows v.8.10.

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How do I manually update the Patch Assessment files if I don't have Rapid Fire Updates (RFU) installed, or can not use the "Update Now" button in Patch Deployment Configuration?

One or more of these conditions may apply to this article:
  • RFU is not installed.
  • Computer is behind a firewall or proxy server and can not access the internet.
  • RFU is installed on a computer without Internet access.
  • Patch Assessment files otherwise fail to automatically update.
  • Applies only to bv-Control for Windows v.8.10.


The following is how to manually update the Patch Assement files: 

1. Create a temporary holding folder somewhere on the target computer.

2. Download the required files from Shavlik?s website. The required files vary depending on what version of bv-Control for Windows is being used. Refer to the following links to determine the correct list of files that need to be downloaded:

Manual Download Links
bv-Control for Windows 8.0 (Pre SP2 HF13)

bv-Control for Windows 8.0 (Post SP2 HF13)

bv-Control for Windows 8.10

3. Create <RMS Folder>\Setups\BindView Patch Deployment folder, if it doesn?t already exist.

4. Create a folder inside this ?RMS\Setups\BindView Patch Deployment? folder called 8.0.xx. The ?xx? should be a 2-digit number that is at least 1 number higher than any existing similarly named folder. For instance, if 8.0 SP2 HF13 was deployed, there should already be a ?8.0.40? folder present. So create a 8.0.41. If no folders exist, just call it 8.0.40.

5. Copy the downloaded cab files into this folder.

6. If the console is not already running, start it.

7. When the console is running, you should immediately see the cab files get extracted. If you check the <RMS Folder>\Control\Windows\PatchDeployment folder, you should see the new XML, EXE and CAB files copied there.

8. After this is complete, you should DELETE the 8.0.xx folder that you created. If this folder is left behind, it could possibly conflict with future hotfixes and/or RFU downloads and could prevent future content updates.

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