The SCSPEVENTS Database Continues to Grow Despite Having Set Event Purge Options In The Console.

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SCSPEVENTS databse growing.





There is a file that sets the default maximum that can be purged and also the default frequency of each purge. The defaults are 100k and 23hours. If the scspevents database is growing faster than that, then the purge will not be fast enough and the database will outgrow the drive. Another thing that might be impacting the auto-purge of events is that the SQL agent may not be running. By default the agent is turned off. We have other products that rely on the agent to effect the purge. So this is what I recommend:

1. Turn on the SQL agent service.
2. Have a DBA shrink the SCSPDBevents.ndf file
3. On the manager, browse to c:\program files\symantec\critical system protection\server\tomcat\conf\ and open it in notepad.
4. You will see a line: "#sisdbcleanup.runtime=23". Uncomment the line to read as follows: "sisdbcleanup.runtime=1". This sets the purge frequency from
    23 hours to every hour.
5. Find the line: "#sisdbcleanup.event.purge.limit=100000". Uncomment this line to read as follows: "sisdbcleanup.event.purge.limit=200000".
    So that now your purge limit is 200k. I recommend starting lower and if the purge is taking too long, you might increase to, say, 1mb. I also recommend
    that the SCSDBevents.ndf file be shrunk daily until the old data has been purged.

** As always, please make sure the database has been backed up and continues to be backed up periodically before, and throughout, this process.


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