How to run a Health & Status Check for Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Data Collection.

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What is the Health and status check?
The Health and status check is a report that provides you with a health and status check of your bv-Control for Windows installation. The Health and Status check queries the system by collecting configuration settings and the status of the query engines. The following information is provided in the Health and Status report:

Client Version Summary

Server Version Summary

General Information Server Settings

Enterprise Configuration Service

Master and Slave Query Engines

Slave Query Engine Assignments

Query Engine Communication Settings

Distribution Rules

Support Services

Administrative Share Selection

Connection Database(s)

Default and User Connection Database

User Options

Domain/Workgroup Credential Configuration Summary



To run the Health and Status Check:

  1. Expand the bv-Control for Windows container in the left pane and select Configuration.
  2. In the details pane of the console (right panel), double-click the Health and Status Check icon to query your system for the data. You can obtain the report after data retrieval is finished, which usually takes several minutes to complete.
  3. When the Health and Status Check is finished, click File > Save HTML. Email this file to Technical Support as an attachment.


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