Exports in RMS Console do not expand into multiple rows.

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Occurs when you export grid results in RMS Console to .CSV or .XLS file format.
  • List fields are grouped together into one cell in export results.
  • List fields do not expand into multiple rows.


Modify export settings in User Manager. Follow these steps:
  1. Launch RMS Console.
  2. On the icon bar at the top, click the User Manager icon.
  3. Double click the account that is used to perform the exports.
    • NOTE: This may not be the account that is currently logged in.
  4. Click the Export Settings tab.
  5. Check the box "Expand list fields into extra rows."
  6. Restart RMS Console, then perform the export again.

This will expand any list fields into individual cells for .CSV and .XLS formats.

NOTE: Be careful when expanding group memberships into individual cells. You may run into a "insufficient disk space" limitation due to Jet database's 2 GB limit. In this case, scale the scope down to a workable dataset.

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