How to create a query that determines if passwords are weak bv-Control for Unix v8.5 and 8.6?

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How to list users with weak passwords.
How to verify no users have weak passwords on a Unix host.



Are passwords weak in Unix?

Open new query
Select a Data Source
Bv-Control for UNIX
Users - This data source allows reporting on your UNIX users.

In Field Specification Tab
Expand All Fields
Select Is password weak?

In Filter Specification Tab
Expand All Fields
Select Is password weak?
Add (radio button)
Select specific Value
Select Is Yes from drop down menu
Then OK

In Scope Tab
Select an appropriate host or scope list.

Example of results


    If now passwords appear weak;

    Select message radio button

    No results due to no passwords are weak.

    Attached is a Query that can be downloaded and imported to CCS 8.6. Import query then modify the scope tab and run.

Is Unix password weak.xml



Is_Unix_password_weak.xml (2 kBytes)

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