"Unable to decrypt password. Reason: Error 0x80090005 during CryptImportKey!" when doing an Attended export to a Lotus Notes mailbox.

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Attended exports work fine from the Bindview Information Server (BVIS), but not from the user's remote console.

User logs onto Remote Console with USERNAME account, but using BVADMIN to open the RMS Console. Lotus Notes client is setup to use the USERNAME account.


Verify the user can open the remote RMS console as the same account they use to open Lotus Notes on the same Console.

For Example:

If a user logs onto the computer as UserA and opens Lotus Notes as UserA, they must also open the RMS Console as UserA. However, if the user logs onto the computer as UserB and opens Lotus Notes as UserB, but "Opens As" the RMS Console using UserA, the Attended export will fail.

To resolve, the Lotus Notes Administrator must make sure that UserA and UserB are able to open Lotus Notes from the remote console.

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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH115121

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