After applying the Control Compliance Suite 8.60 Data Collectors December 2008 Cumulative Hotfix (CHF=4). The CHF value does not update to 4 in the RMS Data Collection Console About even though the update has been sucessfully applied.

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Why does the RMS console about not reflect the Control Compliance Suite 8.60 Data Collectors December 2008 Cumulative Hotfix (CHF=4)

RMS Data Collection Console

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Symantec Corporation.

Version: 8.60.11
Service Pack:
CHF: 3

Modules: AAdmin.dll AAStdControls.dll ADSIHelper.dll BVChart.dll BVCommon.dll BVConfigWizard.dll BVDALauncher.exe BVDB.dll BVDBClient.dll BVFoundation.dll BVGlobalAccessor.dll BVGrid.dll BVIcon.dll BVJMMExtBVDFile.dll BVJobCore.dll BVJobCoreps.dll BVJobModuleMgr.dll BVJobProcessor.exe BVJobProcessorps.dll bvLicenseManager.dll BVNTObjectsAlpha.dll BVPrintInterface.dll BVProcessManager.exe BVProcessManagerps.dll BVProductManifest.dll BVProductMgr.dll BVQRS.dll BVQRSMultiChunkRecordSet.dll BVQueryMgr.dll BVRegistryHelper.dll BVRELib.dll BVReport.dll BVRoot.dll BVScopeManager.dll BVShellExtensions.dll BVTransform.dll BVUpgrade.dll BVUserManager.dll BvUtils.dll chartLib.dll CredDB.dll DatabaseManager.dll DBMInterfaces.dll depend.exe DialogBook.dll GenericBrowser.dll HandleExport.exe HTMLControl.dll Information_Server_Selector.exe internalIcons.dll JPLauncher.exe LicTypeRegistration.exe NamedScopes.dll NTCommonCtl.dll PrintPreviewLib.dll ProductVersionSnapIn.dll QueryBuilder.dll QueryJobAdapter.dll QueryManager.dll RefreshCredentials.dll ReportItemAdapters.dll ReportItemBVDUtils.dll ReportItemDBUtils.dll ReportItemUI.dll ReportItemUIUtils.dll ReportItemUtils.dll ResultSetSnapIn.dll RMSLog.dll RMSLogger.dll Scheduler.dll SchedulerUtility.dll SessionLogs.dll SharedClient.dll SOperations.dll SpreadSheetLib.dll SQLServerHelper.dll SQLTranslator.dll TaskLaunch.exe TIVSnapin.dll TypeIIClient.dll ViewLib.dll XMLDatastore.dll XMLUI.dll

If you run the Health and Status Check -> it does reflect CHF = 4 with the exception of the Query Engines. They will be updated after a system boot.
Note -> the Query Engines may not indicate CHF=4 was applied even if you've had a sucessfull update of the QE's. If this occurrs a system boot has been sucessful. Then rerun the Health and Status Check to see the updated information.



Developement stated that the reason this about is does not update the CHF is due to no updates were applied to the Console, they were just applied to the snapins.


A system boot will update/resolve the the Health and Status Check indicating CHF=4 has been applied to the QEs.


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