Advanced UNIX Query Building - How to find files that are owned by a specific group.

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How do I find UNIX files that are owned by a specific group?


Build a new query using the bv-Control for UNIX Files Data Source. Follow these steps:

  1. In the RMS Console, click the New Query (red book) icon on the icon bar at the top.
  2. In the "Select Datasource" dialog box, expand bv-Control for UNIX, then click the Files Data Source.
  3. Click OK.
  4. On the Field Specification Tab, add the following fields to the query definition:
    • Machine Name
    • File Name With Path
    • Group Name
    • Attributes: Group
  5. On the Filter Specifications tab, add the field Composite File Descriptor. Click Change Descriptor.
  6. In the Path to Search In, type the path, directory level only /<directory>
  7. In the Files to Search, type *
  8. Click on Include Sub Directories button
  9. In the Find Options field type: -type f -o -type d
  10. Click OK on the Composite File Descriptor, then click OK again on the Composite File Descriptor Selector panel.
  11. In the Filter Term Definition field, select "Matches Pattern" in the pick list.
  12. Type an asterisk ( *) in the Value field
  13. Add a filter of Group Name and from the pull down select Contains or Equal To and type in the part of a group name for Contains or the group name if using Equal To.
  14. Select the AND Boolean button
  15. On the Scope tab, scope to the target computer. Click OK.
  16. Click Run and View as Grid.


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