Unable to continue setup. Unable to find Setup.Config file in the ARP cache folder. Patch install cannot continue

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You are getting an error when trying to apply a cumulative hotfix to your install of the RMS Data Collector for the first time.

When launched, the hotfix unpacks the files but when trying to apply the fixes you get the error and the install halts.

Often if you go to START\SETTINGS\CONTROL PANEL\ADD or REMOVE PROGRAMS and click on the REMOVE button for CCS Data Collector you will immediately get an error that the application is not installed or has been deleted.


During original install or upgrade to the version of the RMS Data Collector that you are using, something did not install correctly. Most likely some registry entries were not written.


1. Run the original CCS data collector install for the current version you now have again. You should receive an option to REPAIR the existing installation. Choose this option.
2. If you do not receive the repair option then stop and follow the procedures in this document:

Backup and Recovery for RMS

3. Now run the media again and see if it will let you reinstall over the top of the existing installation. If it will not allow you to reinstall contact support for help in manually removing the Data Collector infrastructure from your system.
Manual removal can be a fairly long process. If your Data collector is installed on a dedicated VM you may want to consider possibly re-establishing the VM itself (if allowable) as a clean slate and then reinstalling 8.6 from scratch and then using the above document to restore the backed up items to help in recovery of your environment.

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