How to manually uninstall Control Compliance Suite (CCS) v.9.0 Reporting & Analytics in a centralized environment

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Information in this solution applies to CCS v.9.0 Reporting & Analytics in a centralized

environment, where every component is installed on the same server.

  • A previous uninstall attempt failed for CCS v.9.0.x Reporting & Analytics using the

Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel.



Follow these steps to manually uninstall CCS v.9.0.x Reporting & Analytics:
1. Download and install the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. For more
information, see "Description of the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility"

2. Click Start | Programs | Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. Highlight,
then remove the following components within the Windows Cleanup Utility:

Directory Support Services (DSS)/ADAM Components:

Directory Support Service [9.0.x]
Management Services [9.0.x]

Application Server Components

Application Server [9.0.x]
Platform content pack installer [9.0.x]
Regulatory content pack installer [9.0.x]

Data Processing Service Components

Data collectors installer [9.0.x]
DPS main installer [9.0.x]

Web Portal Component

Web Portal pack installer [9.0.x]

CCS Security/Encryption Component

SymCert utility [9.0.x]

Symantec Control Compliance Suite Reporting & Analytics v9.0.x if
it appears in the list.

3. Click Start | Run | type "services.msc" without the quotes.
Stop and disable the following services:

    • Symantec CCS
    • Symantec Data Processing Service
    • Symantec Directory Support Service

NOTE: Sort by "logon as" to easily locate the services that are
started with the CCS service account.

4. Click Start | Run | type "regedit" without the quotes. Delete the
following registry keys and subkeys:

    • HKCU | Software | Symantec | CCS
    • HKLM | Software | Symantec | CCS
    • HKLM | Software | Microsoft | Windows | Current Version | Uninstall | Symantec Control Compliance Suite - R and A
    • HKLM | System | Current Control Set | Services | DirectorySupportService
    • HKLM | System | Current Control Set | Services | ADAM_SymantecCCS
    • HKLM | System | Current Control Set | Services | AppserverService
    • HKLM | System | Current Control Set | Services | ManagementServices
    • HKLM | System | Current Control Set | Services | Symantec.DataProcessing.Service

5. Delete the following directories on the CCS server:

    • <Install_Dir>\Program Files\Symantec\Control Compliance Suite
    • \Documents and Settings \ {UID.EN_US}\Local Settings\Temp\MediaCache
      (where UIDis the name of the account that performed the installation)
    • \Documents and Settings \ {UID.EN_US}\Local Settings\Temp\1

6. Launch SQL Server Management Studio. Delete the following
databases, including their backup and restore history:

    • CSM_DB
    • Reporting_DB
    • Evidence_DB

7. All security certificates issued for the CCS R&A components of the product must
be removed manually. Please follow the instructions in this KB article for removing
the security certificates:

KB Title:
Error: "Certificate validation failed for : Data Processing Service, Reason: The
certificate from file has already been installed" while installing Data Processing
Service (DPS) for CCS 9.0 Reporting and Analytics.

KB Link:

8. Restart the computer.

Technical Information
If the manual uninstallation continues to fail, a line by line comparison between

the designated Windows Cleanup Utility and a working Windows Cleanup Utility
should be performed to confirm all of the CCS 9.0 R&A is removed when the
Windows Cleanup Utility is used. Please contact Technical Support if a comparison
is needed against a working installation.


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