Why aren't DS clients showing as active in the DS Console?

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Why are all client machines grayed out in the DS Console?  Client machines do not seem to be connected to the Deployment Server.


Generally this is caused by three possible reasons.

1.  There is a connectivity issue between the Deployment Server and the clients.  The easiest way to test this is to ping the client machines from the console by IP address and NETBios name.  Connectivity issues are often caused by a bad network card in the server or bad ports on a switch.  Verify that the port AClient is using is not being blocked by a firewall.

2.  The server service is not functioning correctly.  This could be caused by connectivity problems with the SQL database.  To test the server service go into Start > Settings > Control Panel > Altiris eXpress Server.  From there verify that the service is started, if not start it.  Did the machines reconnect after restarting?  If they did, look into what could have stopped the service, the windows event log may show some errors as to why it was stopped.  If the service is started, try stopping then restarting the service, if it takes more then 5 to 10 seconds to stop and start the service there may be issues with connectivity with the SQL server.  

3.  The server service datastore has been modified from its installed setting.  To check this go into Start > Settings > Control Panel > Altiris eXpress Server.  Then click on the options button.  At the bottom of the Altiris eXpress Server Options page there is a field called “Data store path:”  Verify that this path has not been changed from the path specified for the datastore during the install.  If the defaults were used during the install the Data store path will be C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server.

For connectivity issues with the SQL database go into the Data sources (ODBC) under administrative tools.  Switch to the System DSN tab and configure the Altiris eXpress Database.  Click finish on the wizard then click test data source, if the test fails, to check the configuration settings for the Altiris eXpress Database.  

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