Diagnose issue: unable to connect with the Performance Viewer

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Diagnose issue: unable to connect with the Performance Viewer.


  1. Ensure that the agent is up and running on the target computer.
  2. Ensure that the NS computer is up and running. The NS computer functions as a “proxy” for the agent computer; for example, the browser connects with the NS computer which in turn connects to the agent.
  3. Ensure that the host name in the browser address bar can be resolved through DNS on the computer running the browser.
  4. Ensure that the NS computer is specified as the Notification Server that the agent is reporting to. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized access to the agent.
  5. If licensing errors occur when loading PerfMon GUI, check to make sure if a Monitor Pack license has expired.
  6. Check access to getlicensedetails.aspx page, test by accessing the URL: http://<server name>/altiris/NS/Agent/GetLicenseDetails.aspx.

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