Troubleshooting a New Failed Install of Notification Server

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How to troubleshooting a clean install of Notification Server 6.0


Clean install of Notification Server
When problems arise during a clean installation of Notification Server, use the following troubleshooting process to identify the cause of the issue. Note that there are two major parts to the install: The MSI Installer and the Configuration.

Installer failure
Any failure occurring before the Setup Wizard appears relates to the MSI section of the install. The installer:

  • Copies down files
  • Creates folder structures and sets security on them
  • Sets up registry settings
  • Creates virtual websites and other IIS components
  • Creates Altiris security groups for roles
  • Registers .NET assemblies

Failures relating to the Installer will be logged under the install log, not the server a.log. This log is found under: C:\<windir>\System32\AeXSetup.log.

Permissions often are the cause of failures within the installer. If the log does not provide you the point of failure, walk through the above items to see if they exist.

  1. Does the Altiris file and folder structure exist?
  2. Does the Altiris registry exist under HKLM | Software | Altiris?
  3. Does the Altiris virtual Website exist under the Default Web site, or the target web site?
  4. In the server’s local security groups, do you see the Altiris roles, IE Altiris Administrators?
  5. Look under C:\<Windir>\Assembly. Do the Altiris assemblies exist?

NOTE: Find out if any non-default polices or changes were made to the server before running the installation of Notification Server. This may reveal why a certain component failed.

Configuration Failure: The Altiris Setup Wizard

Technically this part of the install is no longer the “Install” of Notification Server. Rather it is the configuration of the installation, including all SQL-based items. NOTE: Failures prior to the wizard appearing are NOT related to SQL as we have not reached the SQL portion of the configuration.

Setup .config files are used to initiate database configurations.

Failed to Configure Database
The causes of this error are many. The key to discovering the cause usually lies within the a.log on the server.

The key to resolve this error is in locating the originating error message. By the time this error appears, usually the configuration is a ways past the point that caused the failure. This is where the a.log files come in handy.

  • Open the log files using the logviewer.exe found under installpath\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\
  • Mark the start date for the installation, and then work your way forward. Look for severity 1 and severity 2 errors. The first major error you see is likely the point of failure.
  • Caution: Some severity 1 and 2 issues are expected during the installation. Be careful to read the details of the error to determine if it is the culprit.
  • Often this is caused by permissions. See the above “Prerequisites” section to see if rights are assigned correctly.

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