Error, "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'tag_collection_id', table 'Altiris_Incidents.dbo.tag'"

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Symptom 1:  When creating a new incident in Helpesk, a queue or worker that previously appeared as a worker to which the incident could be assigned, is no longer visible and cannot be selected.

Symptom 2:  In Helpdesk, when selecting " Workers > List Queues " or " Workers > List Workers " the queue or worker name that can not be seen when creating a new incident does appear in this list; however, when it is selected for viewing or editing the following error is returned:

A SQL error has occurred:Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'tag_collection_id', table 'Altiris_Incidents.dbo.tag'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

Screen Shot:

Also, when an attempt is made to re-create the queue or worker using the same name, it is rejected with a message that it already exists.


Helpdesk Solution 6.0


The tag entries for the worker could not be obtained. Generally, this error occurs because although the worker record exists, the specific contact record associated to the worker has corrupted tag entries  and will need to be reset.


If this issue occurs and appears to be related to specific workers, first, run the following query in SQL Query Analyzer pointed to the Altiris_Incidents database to identify key values of the worker:

Select w.[Name] as worker_name,w.[id] as worker_id,[contact_id] as worker_contact_id,[status] as worker_status,
c.[Name] as worker_full_name, c.[status] as worker_contact_status,c.tag_collection_id as tag_collection_id,
(select count(tag_collection_id) from contact where tab_collection_id=c.tag_collection_id) as tag_usage_count,
c.[NT_ID] as worker_Network_ID
FROM worker w join contact c on
where w.[Name] = ‘<workers name>

If the above query shows both the worker_status and the worker_contact_status have a value of  "a" (for active), the tag_collection_id that is greater than 0, and tag_usage_count is 1; then the issue is with the workers tag entries and they just need to be reset.  Follow the directions found in the following article. This simply removes the existing tags for the worker which causes helpdesk to recreate new tag entries.

How to clear all settings for a specific user

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