IF SIM Fails to install from BESR 2010 CD

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SIM fails to install from BESR 2010 CD with a similar error in the installation log:


Extracting Symantec Install Package
ExtractSIP Entering
The Symantec Install Package used 0 MB bytes of disk space
Deleting Symantec Install PAckage from Program Files
Selete SIPFromLocal Entering
The installer enountered an error while installing the Symantec Installation Manager Error 3.



Installation from the BESR 2010 CD


The exact cause is not yet determined and Symantec is still investigating, however a workaround is available.


In order to work around this issue, please install the latest SIM from the web. This can be done by downloading any solution based on the Symantec Management Console for example:

Under Infrastructure Operations, Choose Client Management Suite. SIM will install assuming all the prerequisites are met during the install.

At that point, a product listing will be presented. Change all filters to "None" and the BESR-MS solution should be available for installation.

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