KNOWN ISSUE: TS7: Task server registration (GetClientTaskServers.aspx) may fail because the server returns FQDN OR Netbios names for the Task servers

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When a Task client attempts to register, it first requests from the NS for a list of Task Servers using /GetClientTaskServers.aspx.   This may return either an FQDN or Netbios name, and sometimes this causes problems during the actual registration of the client.

For instance, if Netbios names don't resolve in an environment, then the registration may fail when attempting to register.

Another example would be for environments that have enabled SSL communications.  In this case, the server certificate may have been registered with the FQDN, and thus the Netbios name would fail to receive approval (403 error).


NS 7.x

TS 7.x


It turns out that some times, the FQDN is returned, and sometimes it is not.  The Task Server is designed to give the client not only a preferred task server, but also some fail-over's, such as the NS if the TS can't be reached.  Sometimes these don't come back with FQDN, and so the client will try to use NETBIOS instead.


This has been resolved in SMP SP4 HF1.

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