SIM gives http error 401 when trying to install Symantec Management Platform

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When attempting an install of Symantec Management Platform SP3, it installs but then gives an error that one or more solutions were unable to configure.  It also can abort at the database creation portion of the installation.


 401 Error


SMP 7 (NS 7)



Communication policies sometimes block http communcation when installing with different types of names for the server (FQDN, NetBIOS, or localhost). Also, the common server name may be an alias for the actual server name.  This can cause the web installer to attempt to authenticate to the worng server name.


By default the FQDN is used if known. Attempt to use an alternate name such as the netbios name. See example below.





FQDN of server:

Netbios name of server: Server1

In the location where you find SIM asking for the name of the server and pre-populating the FQDN, change the name to be the NetBIOS and attempt to reinstall.

If you encounter the circumstance where server aliasing is not working correctly, meaning the FQDN of the server is different, or not resolving correctly in DNS, you can edit the following registry locations:

HKLM\Software\Altiris\Express\Notification Server\PreferredNSHost

HKLM\Software\Altiris\Express\Notification Server\SiteCode



And set it to the actual FQDN of the server instead of the aliased name.  This will allow you to use SIM ro repair the SMP configuration if needed.  Alternately you can discuss the proper aliasing of the server in DNS with the proper network admins.






Note: The NetBIOS can be different then the fully qualified names first segement.

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