KNOWN ISSUE: Updating SSM (via Update HP Tools) from to 2.12 can cause issues with BIOS passwords and certain softpaqs

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When upgrading SSM from to 2.12 via Update HP Tools, the following behavior may be observed:

1.    Applying a BIOS password

a.    After applying a BIOS password, you will see a local alert (if enabled) indicating that the password has been changed.  However, if you attempt to actually go into the BIOS settings (via F10), you will be unable to use the password that was just set.  The workaround is to create another BIOS password that that clears the BIOS password using the BIOS Administration wizard.  Specify the existing password and leave the new password blank.

2.      Updating a BIOS softpaq

a.    Sending a BIOS softpaq to a client involves specifying the current password (if set by the Administrator).  The BIOS Administration Wizard uses SSM to apply the BIOS softpaq and when it applies the password, you can see the following alert:  ‘HP Client Manager has detected that an unsuccessful attempt to change your BIOS settings has happened on your computer’.  The BIOS softpaq will not be applied.


HP Client Manager 7.0 with SP1


HP has updated their version of SSM to 2.12 which uses a new algorithm for passwords.  If an older version of SSM ( was used to apply a password via HPCM, the new version (2.12) will be unable to set the password due to the use of the new algorithm.


Please upgrade to HPCM 7.0 with SP2 which addresses the use of the new algorithm in SSM.

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