KNOWN ISSUE: Resource Summary Processor Count for a Linux computer reports incorrect count of processors

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Resource Summary Processor Count for a Linux computer reports an incorrect count of processors. The machine has two physical computers. The Inventory Solution Processor data class, however, shows the correct count of processors.


Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP3
Altiris Agent for UNIX, Linux and Mac SP3
Inventory Solution SP1


The code that gathers the hardware computer summary information for a Linux computer is parsing the output of the dmidecode utility and looking for a processor 'Status' of 'Populated, Enabled'. However, dmidecode could report other values indicating a processor socket is populated but not enabled. Following is a list of known values for this dmidecode processor Status field:

Status: Populated, Enabled
Status: Populated, Idle
Status: Populated, Disabled By User
Status: Unpopulated


A permanent resolution will be provided in a future release. For now, there are two possible resolutions.

Option 1:  

Create a software delivery task that runs the following script on all linux computers:

invpath=`aex-helper info path -s INVENTORY`
mv $scriptname $scriptname.bak
sed -e "s/, Enabled//" $scriptname.bak > $scriptname
chmod 544 $scriptname

Note that this will have to be repeated if a customer upgrades to 7.0 SP2.

Option 2:


Modify the view vHWComputerSystem to pull processor information from the Inv_HW_Processor table instead of the Inv_HW_Computer_System table:

ALTER VIEW vHWComputerSystem
Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[_ResourceGuid] ,
Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Identifying Number],
(SELECT COUNT(1) FROM Inv_HW_Processor WHERE Inv_HW_Processor._ResourceGuid = Inv_HW_Computer_System._ResourceGuid) AS 'Number of Processors',
--Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Number Of Processors],
Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Total Physical Memory (Bytes)],
Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Device Class],
Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Device ID]
FROM Inv_HW_Logical_Device INNER JOIN Inv_HW_Computer_System ON
Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Device ID] = Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Device ID]
AND Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[_ResourceGuid] = Inv_HW_Computer_System.[_ResourceGuid]

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