Symantec Installation Manager shows "Product is not properly configured" or "Partial installation" for a product

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Why does SIM show "Product is not properly configured" or "Partial installation" pertaining to pcAnywhere Solution? 

For example:




"Product is not properly configured" or "Partial installation"


pcAnywhere Solution 12.5

ITMS 7.1 SP2


These messages in SIM indicate that the solution's program files were either:

  • Not installed correctly i.e. the msi returned an error code during execution
  • Installed correctly and the database configuration failed


To fix the problem if the solution's program files were not installed correctly:

Run the "Repair" option for the Solution in SIM.  Sometimes the Repair button is grayed out.  The cause of this behavior has not yet been determined and is under investigation.  Options in this case are:

  • Run an MSI level repair
           a) Uninstall via SIM
           b) Find the MSI's and do a right-click Install
           c) Install the solution again Via SIM
  • Run an Uninstall of the Solution followed by another install of the Solution

To fix the problem if the issue is that the program files are installed, but the database side is not configured:

  1. Log into the NS (If using RDP ensure you connect in console mode)
  2. Open up a Command prompt
  3. Change directory to <Install dir>\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin
  4. Run AexConfig.exe /configure <installDir>\Altiris\pcA\Config\pcA.config
  5. Run AexConfig.exe /configure <installDir>\Altiris\pcA\Config\pcA_Upgrade.config
  6. Open the NS log Viewer and add an INCLUDE filter for AexConfig
  7. Monitor the log viewer to see if there are any errors during the database configuration portion of the setup process.

If that still does not resolve the issue, run the “Reconfigure Database” process in the SMP Console under

Settings > Notification Server > Database Settings


NOTE that the "Reconfigure Database" option is known to cause issues with Patch Management Solution, so use caution. If you use the "Reconfigure Database" option and find that Patch Management does not function correctly, see KB for steps on how to reconfigure patch management.

Symantec Technical Support has found that pcAnywhere Solution may appear under Partial Installs in SIM because one of the three MSIs (for pcA languages) was “Installed not Configured”.  The cause of this has not yet been determined.  Running the AexConfig utility did not resolve this issue in our tests, however running the "Reconfigure Database" process did resolve the "Partial Install" listing for pcAnywhere Solution (use caution because of the potential for breaking Patch Management Solution as noted above).

Note: This issue has been seen to occur with various Altiris products, not just pcAnywhere. The above similar steps could be changed accordingly for other products.

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