When blocking .eml attachments with Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange running on Exchange 2007 using the "File Name" rule, the .eml files are only partially stripped

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The "File Name" file filtering rule is configured  to block the term *.eml

  • The notification email sent to the user does not contain the information configured in the notification section of the rule
  • The "quarantined attachment.txt" sent to the original recipient contains scrambled header information from the original message



In Exchange 2007 the content-type of attached .eml files is "message/rfc822". When Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) replaces this file according to file filtering rule, it changes the name of file to "Deleted Attachment.txt" but it doesn't change its type to"text/plain" from "message/rfc822".


This problem is fixed in Symantec Mail Security 6.0.10 for Microsoft Exchange and later, including version 6.5. To learn how to obtain the latest version, read Where to download the latest version of Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange.


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