Symantec Control Compliance Suite UNIX 8.6 RapidFire Update RF8605

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The RapidFire (RF) Update, RF8605 is a security patch update.

Note: The AIXRecommendedPatches.dat file is not updated with the latest patch list and contains the same patches as it was in RF8603.


The requirements for installing the RapidFire RF8605 are as follows:

· You must apply the Cumulative Hotfix (CHF) of Control Compliance Suite 8.60 released on Febuary, 2008 (CCS_DataCollectors_8.60_Feb_2008_Update.exe).
· You must apply RF8600, RF8601, and RF8602 on the bv-Control for UNIX agent (target computers) before applying RF8605.

Installing the update

Before installing the RF8605 RapidFire Update, you must close all the RMS products that are running on the computer.

To install the RapidFire Update RF8605 perform the following steps:

1. Copy the RapidFire file RF8605.rf to a known location on the local disk. Do not change the file name.
2. Launch the RMS® Console.
3. Expand the bv-Control for UNIX icon located on the left pane tree of the RMS Console.
4. Right-click RapidFire Updates folder.
5. Select Add RapidFire from the shortcut menu.
6. In the File Selection dialog, locate the RapidFire file RF8605.rf saved in step 1.
7. Select the file and click Open to initiate the RapidFire Update installation process. This RapidFire must be applied on the computers hosting the Information Server only and not on the client computers.

To apply the RapidFire on the UNIX target computers, the RapidFire mechanism supports two options. The first option lets you update all the UNIX target computers at the enterprise level while the second option lets you update the selected UNIX target computers only.

1. To update all the target computers in the enterprise
· Select the appropriate server group in the product container.
· To apply a RapidFire on the selected server group, click the Action>Update RapidFire menu.
· From the Select RapidFire Package dialog box, select RF8605.rf.
2. To update a selected target computer
· Select the UNIX target computer that you want to update.
· To apply a RapidFire on the UNIX target computer, click the Action>Update RapidFire menu.
· From the Select RapidFire Package dialog box, select RF8605.rf.

For more details, see the "RapidFire Updates" topic in bv-Control_for_UNIX_Online_Help.chm.


Note: Patches for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.3 and Red Hat Linux 9.0 are not available in the LinuxRecommendedPatches.dat file.


The Rapid Fire update and readme documentation can be downloaded from;

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