Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator Event 375 - Troubleshooting Digest

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The Information in this digest resolves the most common problems related to Event ID 375 / V-437-327 within Enterprise Vault's (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) or Discovery Accelerator (DA). Specifically, failed attempts at view, retrieval or export from the application.

See the following example:

  Example Description
Event ID 375 Symantec Enterprise Vault Error message number.
Source Accelerator Service Processor Illustrates the origin of the message
Description APP AS - Customer ID: 9 - An Error has occurred when retrieving Item References the action that has failed.
SaveSetID 201008172051839~200711011315310000~ Z~90029CC4A97FFC0873535B0AB55D7471 Identifies the items item causing the fault
Format XML sAttachmentID: 0. System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040306): An internal failure occurred. Provides specific information about the exception



The application may not be able to access items stored due to a variety of issues. Be sure to review the detail of the error message, specifically the format section, to determine the appropriate plan of action.

Events can be recorded in three distinct locations:

1. On the CA or DA server
2. On the EV server(s)
3. Storage server(s) / location(s)


Article Title Tech Note
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0x80010105 - 0x80004005 - Multiple Events - Discovery Accelerator export to . PST fail TECH56040
0x80004002 - Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator no such interface supported TECH164059
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0x800706BA / 0x80040308 - Discovery Accelerator cannot retrieve item TECH124515
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0x80070003 - Exporting using Discovery Accelerator fails system cannot find the path specified. TECH77375
0x80070721 - unable to retrieve / view original items Discovery Accelerator TECH144238
0x80040155 - When Exporting using Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator TECH137935
0x80040306 - Discovery Accelerator "Cannot Retrieve Item.." when reviewing certain items. TECH66608


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