DLO 6.1MP5A Release Information

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Symantec NetBackup Desktop Laptop Option 6.1 Maintenance Pack 5A Release Information


This technote is intended to provide a quick reference to the DLO 6.1MP5A packages and readme information available.

The DLO 6.1 MP5A maintenance pack can be acquired from the following locations:

Note: The DLO 6.1 MP5 packages have been removed due to a reported restore issue. Additional detail regarding this issue can be found via the Technical Advisory below:

The NetBackup Desktop/Laptop Option (DLO) 6.1 MP5 maintenance pack incorrectly handles configuration of encryption. As a result, some data backed up under previous DLO versions cannot be restored without corrective action. In addition, new backups are taken unencrypted. This pack has been removed and a replacement 6.1 MP5A pack will be released.

If this condition is encountered, please contact Symantec technical support, referencing this document ID and Etrack 2012075 to obtain a fix for this issue.

6.1MP5 Release Notes:  http://support.veritas.com/docs/346657


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