The "Manage Software Updates" page takes a long time to load or times out

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When selecting the "Manage Software Updates" page within the Patch Management Solution it either takes a very long time to load, or times-out with the following error:

Description: Unexpected exception encountered while running a query.Report "All
Software Bulletins" All Software Bulletins. ( Unhandled exception.


Patch Management 6.2 SP1


The root cause is unknown, but typically the problem is seen when multiple languages are being managed.


The prefered supported method is to increase the timeout within the Web.config located in C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Core\Web.

1.  Navigate to C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Core\Web
2.  Open the Web.config in notepad.
3.  Add the following entry <httpRuntime executionTimeout="630"/> just before the </system.web>
4.  Save and Attempt to Open the Manage Software Update Pages again.

An additional but method, is to replace the stored procedure with the one attached to this article.

Steps to modify the stored procedure.

1.  Open Query Analyzer.
2.  Rename the Original Stored Procedure to .old
3.  Set the database to Altiris.
4.  Copy and paste the information from the attached stored procedure into query analyzer.
5.  Press the 'Excecute' button on the toolbar, or F5 Key to execute the query.

KB46144 "Combined fixes for known Patch Report Discrepencies, Dashboard issues etc" also includes this fix and several more.

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