Error EA3905E3: Bad file Record Signature, occurs while attempting restore with Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) or Symantec System Recovery (SSR)

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While attempting restore, the following error occurs failing the restore:


Error EA3905E3: Bad file record signature.


Backup Exec System Recovery will generate this error due to the lack of space needed for disk structure meta information. Backup Exec System Recovery can restore to smaller locations, as long as there is enough space for the used data, paging file, and the metadata like MFT.



If the error is a result of restoring to a smaller drive, as best practice, be sure the capacity of the drive being restored to is greater than or equal to one sixth (1/6th) of the original source drive's partition capacity being restored plus, 'used space,' (i.e. used space = Partition's used data space + paging file size). Below is an example of how to perform this calculation:
Source drive's partition size = 100 GB
Used space = 27 GB
Page File (stored on source drive's partition) = 4 GB
(100 GB / 6) + 27 GB + 4GB  =  17GB + 31GB = 48 GB = Smallest drive/partition the source image can be restored to.

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Error EA3905E3: Bad file Record Signature

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