KNOWN ISSUE: Inventory 7.0 SP2 not collecting Mapped Drives and Network Printer information

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Inventory Solution 7.0 SP2, while capturing the Logical Disk data, doesn't capture Mapped Drives or Network Printers.


Inventory Solution 7.0x


When an Inventory Policy runs under the System Account or an account that is not the logged-in user, we do not have access to capture the user-specific information, such as mapped drives and printers that the logged-in user possesses.


To resolve the issue, an Inventory Policy that runs under the logged-in User must be used so their drive mappings and printers are captured.

  1. Go to Manage > Policies > Discover and Inventory > Inventory > and create a new Policy to use as the user-specific policy.
  2. Click on the Advanced button in the Policy Rules/Actions section.
  3. On the Data Classes tab, make sure the Inventory data classes are selected:
    1. Hardware\Common\"Disk Partition", "Logical Device", and "Printer"
    2. Hardware\Windows\"Printer Windows"
    3. Software\Windows\"Device Driver Windows"
  4. If file details are desired, click on the File Properties Scan Settings tab. Under the Drives tab click on Include drive > select Network drives > click ok .
  5. Click on the Run Options tab and select "Logged in user" under "Run Inventory as" (by default System account is selected).
  6. Make sure the inventory policy is enabled and schedule it to run.

This will result in the user's mapped drives and printers being captured, and network drives being scanned by the policy.

Depending on your environment and security, you may want to have a separate Inventory Policy for most other data classes, if the logged-in user does not have rights to access WMI and other functions we use to capture system data.

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