Update Agent Discovery Task Failed:Program has failed with return code = 4

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Update Agent Discovery Task Failed: Program has failed with return code = 4


Patch Management Solution for Linux 7.0 Sp2

SMP 7.0 Sp3 and Sp4


The exact details of the task failure should be located on the client machine:



It seems that the Software Update Agent for Linux is failing due to the Discovery package being unable to determine the Red Hat registration status. The Red Hat machines must be registered with the Red Hat Update Service and our Agent installation checks the status with the Discovery Package. We have the option in the Update Agent Discovery Task to attempt a registration over the Internet, but Internet access may not be permitted on the Red Hat Servers.

Please check the Red Hat Update Service registration status of the problematic machines as it seems to be a legal requirement by Red Hat to receive updates. The Patch Management Solution for Linux is complying with the Red Hat licensing model.

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