What is the best practice for troubleshooting Patch Management 7.0 problems?

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What is the best practice for troubleshooting Patch Management 7.0 problems?


Troubleshooting common Patch Management for Windows 7.0 Problems:


Configurations for Patch Management 7.0:

·         Ensure the Altiris Agent is installed on the client

·         Ensure configurations are in order: HOWTO9835

·         Patch Management 7 without Internet Connection in DMZ: HOWTO9724


Patch Remediation Center does not show current updates/bulletins:

·         Unable to delete old Software Update Policies: TECH122266

·         Software Update Policy Wizard closes without creating the Policy: TECH127351

·         Remediation Center times out and unable to access: Repair KB HOWTO9725

·         Microsoft Patch Management Import – Not current:

o    Substring Error: TECH122301

o    Will not download unless ‘Only if modified’ is unchecked: TECH46043

o    Steps for troubleshooting PMImport – Start Pending / Proxy / Rights etc: HOWTO10440


Updates fail to install on clients:

·         Package Fails to download to the Client: HOWTO10394

o    Ensure the client is targeting the proper NS when Updating Configuration

o    Ensure the Client can communicate with the NS / Package Server

o    Ensure the Package Server has the Package completely downloaded from the NS

o    Refresh the Software Update Package on the NS to force replication: HOWTO10848

·         Updates are not listed in the Altiris Agent > Software Updates Tab: Pre MR3: TECH44301 and Post MR3: TECH147912

·         Cloned Default Software Update Agent Plug-in Policy not visible: TECH45206

·         Updates are stuck in Pending status: TECH127676

  • Updates are stuck in Scheduled Status: First, ensure the machine is not in need of a reboot: TECH127365. Next, remove tasks from clients stuck in Scheduled: TECH141928.

·         Server 2008 / Windows 7 / Vista – require Windows Update Service: TECH41678



·         Slow Performance caused by a large ‘Client_Config_Gen’ Table: TECH45407

·         Excessive Log Viewer entries of ‘Generated Empty Policy XML: TECH45580



·         What reports to run to find vulnerable machines: HOWTO21677

·         There is no ‘Save As’ feature for Patch Reports when drilling down: TECH45512

·         Client has update installed but reports show still vulnerable: HOWTO10539

·         Compliance by Bulletin Report – times out: TECH45921

  •   Replication settings for Update Policies: HOWTO9874

Hierarchy / Replication:

  •  Configurations for Hierarchy - Best Practices: HOWTO9874
  • Contact Support for assistance with further troubleshooting after ensuring the configurations are in order and allow for replication to process.


·         What permissions are needed to roll out updates: HOWTO25927

Accessing Hidden Policies:

  • Note: These Policies should not need any changes. They are provided to ensure they are enabled or to stop any 'Pending' attempts that may be backed up. Changing anything in these settings may result in hindering the Patch Management Solution Further.

    • Revise Software Update Task: TECH45458

    • ‘All Windows Computers with Software Update Plug-in’: HOWTO25951

    • Disable Superseded Software Updates: HOWTO10963
    • Software Update Agent Settings: TECH45777

Software Updates failed due to missing Patch Management Data Classes:

  • Check Scheduled Tasks and ensure they are set to run: NT AUTHORITY / SYSTEM 
  • Further troubleshooting is outlined in depth on KM: TECH156744

 Ensure Licensing is in order:

  • Ensure current licenses aren't exceeded.
  • Remove all expired Patch Licenses by running the License Removal Tool found on KM: HOWTO9437

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