Metrics polling without any metric source causing NSServerMetric_6_0.dll errors

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A review of the a.log indicates an excessive amount of the following errors:

<![CDATA[CDllQuery::GenerateQuery Error: failed to load library NSServerMetric_6_0.dll, Error=126
<event date='Oct 02 19:38:25' severity='1' hostName='CTNAMDCALTNS1' source='MetricProvider' module='AeXMetricProv.exe' process='AeXMetricProv.exe' pid='3108' thread='6016' tickCount='201171765' >

These errors started to occur after the Altiris infrastructure Monitor pack was installed.


After the Altiris infrastructure Monitor pack has been installed, several metrics and rules will be enabled.  The metrics in question can be viewed by accessing the management metrics page and the metrics associated with the custom DLL metric source as shown below;

These metrics use the NSServerMetric_6_0.dll as its metric source to obtain values for notification server event queue file count information.

This particular metric source (NSServerMetric_6_0.dll) is rolled out as part of a package rollout policy. It is not enabled by default. A screenshot of the package rollout policy is shown here:

If this policy is not enabled and the package is not rolled out, the NSServerMetric_6_0.dll Metric Source will not be available. The metrics shown above will be attempted to be polled but there will be noMetric source available. The reason for this problem is that the Monitor Solution Application Detection process is not designed to detect the presence of this DLL.


If you enable the notification server metric package policy, the package will roll out, and the DLL errors in the a.log will cease. Altiris is currently working on a hotfix release that will enable Monitor Solution's application detection process (aexsmappdetecotr) to detect for the presence of this .dll and, if this .dll is not detected, disable all rules and associated metrics. This article will be updated when this is complete. 

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