KNOWN ISSUE: DS7.1 SBS Server Install Incorrectly Targets Site Servers Without Both Package and Task Services

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Symantec Boot Services (SBS) are being installed to servers that are unable to run Deployment Tasks on computers in Automation Environments.


Deployment Solution 7.1


The SQL Query for the filter "Computers without Deployment Site Server Components Installed (x86) is written to include Servers with Site Services in general, not specifically with BOTH Package and Task Services; both of which are necessary for Deployment Tasks to execute successfully.


The filter that applies the Policy to install the Deployment Site Server Components must be modified with a new SQL query.

This filter is set to read-only, so replacing by importing the attached xml file should be the easiest way to go about this:

  1. Download the attached "" file
  2. Open the Filter Management page by going to "Manage >> Filters"
  3. Expand the 'Software Filters' folder
  4. Right-click on 'Agent and Plug-in Filters' and select 'Import'
  5. Select the downloaded "" and click 'Open'.

This should import the Filter called "Computers without Deployment Site Server Components Installed (x86)" and overwrite the previously existing filter.

For reference, the new query is:

select distinct r.Guid from vComputer r
              join ResourceAssociation ra on r.Guid=ra.ChildResourceGuid and ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid='5F00E96B-93F3-41f0-94A7-7DBBB8AEF841'
              join vSiteServiceResource ss on ra.ParentResourceGuid=ss.Guid
              join Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent ca on r.Guid=ca._ResourceGuid
              where r.IsLocal = 1
              AND ca.Ident = 'CTSERVAGENT'
              AND r.Guid  IN
                SELECT ChildResourceGuid
                FROM vPackageServiceResource
                INNER JOIN ResourceAssociation ON vPackageServiceResource.Guid=ResourceAssociation.ParentResourceGuid
                AND ResourceAssociation.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid='5F00E96B-93F3-41f0-94A7-7DBBB8AEF841'

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