KNOWN ISSUE: DS7.1: Initial Deployment jobs containing a Software Delivery task fail.

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If you create a job for Initial Deployment that includes a Software Delivery (SWD) task, it will not run the job in Automation.  If you attempt to manually assign the job to a system in Automation, you will get a licensing error.


Task Server, when a client job is assigned, evaluates all of the tasks in the job (and sub-jobs) against the known inventory for the receipient system prior to assigning the job or individual tasks.  In this case, it will go through each task, first hitting the DS tasks, and then the SWD tasks.  It runs the license checks against known inventory for the system (in the Database) based on Basic Inventory.

If a system has not been in production (i.e. initial deployment systems), then the only inventory that has been reported is that which is in Automation.  In automation, we only include the Deployment agent and Task agent with the Altiris Agent.  The SWD agent is not included, therefore is not in the database.  The licensing error is not because you're out of licenses, but because it was determined you're sending a SWD task to a system that doesn't have the SWD agent on it.


There are a few possible resolutions, and a fix is expected in an upcoming release (i.e. CMS 7.1 possibly):

  • Create two Client Jobs.  Assign the first, including imaging, during initial deployment, and then once the client is in production, assign the SWD tasks.
  • Create a Server Job that hosts the two client jobs in the above bullet.  The server jobs don't evaluate licensing at the same time like client jobs, but because of that are not reliable for pushing the tasks.  However, in the first client job, you'll have to be sure the agent gets installed and inventory sent.  That way, once the second job is hit, the evaluation will not fail.  (there are some rumored ramifications to this, but so far, people have had good success with this.
  • There is a modification to a Stored Procedure that support is testing that will allow you to do it all in a single client job (not ready yet).
  • Wait for the upgrade when this will be fixed.

Basically, you end up with a job that looks a bit like this:

  • Master "Server Job" to do your installation.  Contains:
    • "Client Job" part 1 for imaging.  Contains:
      • Deploy Image stuff (ensure this includes the full client with SWD)
      • Reboot to production
      • send inventory (so the NS Console will know the client has SWD)
    • "Client Job" part 2 for SWD.  Contains:
      • any/all of your SWD jobs/tasks

The "Server job" will only evaluate the first "job' for licensing - Client Job part 1 - which will pass.  This job will complete, and THEN the server job will evaluate part 2, which now that inventory has been sent up, should work.

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