What are the changes in Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) 2010 (9.0.1)? Here are the list of items that are fixed in BESR 9.0.1.

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What are the changes in Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) 2010 (9.0.1)? Here are the list of items that are fixed in BESR 9.0.1.


Here are the items fixes in BESR 9.0.1:

1> Error - "Mapped_drive is not a valid network shared location..." after entering a valid path with a new folder.
2> Error ECE3006A "Unable to send notification email..." on Exchange 2007 in BESR 2010.
3> "No status reporting" set to all drives is reporting "Backed up" in home page, even if there is no backup defined for the drives.
4> BESRL Loading of cifs driver should be automated in SRD mode.
5> "Error E7D1001D:Unable to open '//./SymantecSnapshot0/GRO/... ", while taking File Folder Backup of different file types.
6> "Set Drive Active(for booting OS)" is checked by default while restoring recovery point to an unallocated space.
7> BESRL There is no progress bar or any confirmation for successful completion of SRD creation using create SRD.
8> Japanese: SRD: Bad font on "Back Up My Computer" Wizard page.
9> P2V: Unable to convert large drives to VHD.
10> GRO Unable to mount any recovery point on 32bit win2k3 and XP clients in GRO.
11> All-ThreatCon levels are not translated in the respective languages.
12> Can't move a RP when there is no associated drive from Manage Backup Destination.
13> String is not localized in Progress and Performance page while restoring any recovery point.
14> List of backed up drives for system will sometimes be incorrect under File/Folder.
15> No BESR Console short cut when selecting just the BESR GRO option in Custom Install.
16> BESRL BESR fails on 4TB volumes on 32bit OS and besr -list shows incorrect disk information for 4TB volumes on 64 bit OS.
17> HELP button is not available on all the screens in the SRD.
18> Option 'Save backup files to a unique subfolder' does not get saved after Vproservice restart.
19> GRO Customer image. BESRGRO 2010 fails with error "Error: Unable to mount all the required images in the recovery point.
20> Unable to create 'Custom SRD' and 'LOR', if we invoke PcAnywhere configure dialog and even we provide valid pcAnywhere setting.
21> Unable to install SEP after installing BESR.
22> Cannot restore the backed up file(fbf) when AES encryption is enabled and over 1GB zip file.
23> Launching Browser.exe to browse the DVD contents throws script error.
24> GRO Mounting of Exchange2010 image taken from Win 2K8 R2 OS is failing in GRO.
25> The BCD is getting altered when doing a drive copy.
26> Cannot restore the backed up file(fbf) which enabling AES encryption and directly to spanned CD/DVD.
27> 16-Bit and 32-Bit password encrypted backup jobs do not appear after BESR upgraded from 8.5.6 to 2010 SP1/BESR 9.0 RTM to BESR 9.0.1(SP1)


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