Deduplication folder has a status of Undiscovered

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Deduplication folder has a status of Undiscovered


After the creation of a deduplication folder, the folder remains in a status of "Undiscovered".  This status shows up in the devices view with a node that looks something like:

Deduplication Storage Folder 1 (SERVERNAME) - Undiscovered

This status occurs when the deduplication folder has been created, but has never come online.  One possible cause for this is a credentials problem.  For example, if the folder was created with a username of "Dedupe" and a password of "password".  Then, during a disaster recovery, the deduplication folder has to be recreated in BE using the same underlying deduplication folder.  This time the "Dedupe" and "password" are not used as the username and password.  At this point the services are restarted, the folder will not come online, and gets into the "Undiscovered" state.  "Undiscovered" means the deduplication folder is offline, and has never been seen online.  If the credentials are changed after a deduplication folder has already been discovered, the symptom changes and the folder's status is "Offline".

If this is the case, the first thing to do is to check on the username that is being used by the deduplication folder.  To do this, run the spauser -l (letter "L") command from a command box in the Backup Exec Program Files directory. This displays a number of users associated with the deduplication folder.  Note the name associated with "user_1".  That is the username ("Dedupe" in our example above) that you must use when recreating the deduplication folder within Backup Exec.  At this point, you must delete the Undiscovered deduplication folder from within Backup Exec (not from the disk) and recreate the deduplication folder using the correct credentials.

Another possible cause is that there are characters that are not allowed in the deduplication folder password.  Technote  details the restrictions. During troubleshooting, try to use a simple character based password just to rule that out as a problem. If you do this, be sure to understand how to change it or the folder is going to go offline again after the next restart. See Technote  for information on changing this password.


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