Getting Started with NetBackup 7.0 backing up VMWare.

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Getting Started with NetBackup 7.0 backing up VMWare.


Below are the high level steps to set up backups of VMWare server(s) using NetBackup 7.0
  • Install NetBackup master server
  • Install NetBackup windows media server
  • Give NetBackup windows media server access to the LUNS that store the Virtual Center Server / ESX vmdk client files.
  • Authenticate the Virtual Center Server (VCS) or a specific ESX server in NetBackup
  • Create the policy (flashbackup-windows), choose the type of backup (file level using vcb, full vm, etc).
Note:  The VMWare backup host (the NetBackup Windows media server) must be able to see through the SAN the datastore with the vmfs  file system.  It is not a mounted file system on the NetBackup windows VMware backup host, but it must be "zoned" to be seen with read/write access through the SAN.  Setting a NetBackup policy attribute to use SAN Transport will then allow the VMWare backup host to access the snapshot of the virtual client provided by the ESX server.

Below are links to the documents that contain details about each step above.

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