Event ID: 6835 'Failure writing to target file'

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Event ID: 6835 'Failure writing to target file'


Type: Error
Date: 3/24/2010
Time: 12:04:17 PM
Event: 6835
Source: Enterprise Vault
Category: Storage Online
User: N/A
Computer: EVAULT
Failed to extract CAB file.
Reason: FDI Error. Failure writing to target file
CAB File: D:\EVStores\VSPTN1\2008\09\23\Collection12.CAB

Note: This same event may also been seen with a Category of Migrator Server



The error can occur in the following scenario's:

1. During the attempt to recall a Placeholder or using Archive Explorer to open an archived file, the above mentioned error will be logged in the Enterprise Vault (EV) event logs.  Additionally, the error below will occur:
GetOnlineAttachmentFileSize 0xC0041B0F  
2. Retrieving archived messages via a shortcut in Outlook (errors can vary)
3. Exporting archives to PST (same event id as mentioned above)

This specific error will be caused by a lack of disk space for the partition mentioned in the event; Ie. in this example drive D.  During the recall/retrieval process, EV will extract the contents of the cab and create a file with an extension of .ArchDvs.  When disk space is not sufficient, the process will fail.  



There are two options to correct this issue:
1. Free up disk space by performing a search against the affected drive for any files with the extension of .ArchDvs and deleting them. This however, is not a long term solution particularly when the partition is still open.
2. Move the vault stores to a different drive following the instructions in TECH35742 under Related Articles below



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Reason: FDI Error. Failure writing to target file

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