Altiris SMS Connector is not connecting to the SMS server and database

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When attempting to use the Altiris SMS Connector to connect to a Microsoft SMS Server, why, even though it appears that the correct authentication information is in place, does the Altiris SMS Connector not make the connection to the SMS server? Also, why do errors such as the following appear:

Unable to retrieve the list of databases for Specified SMS server.  Login failed for user 'domain\user name'  Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

And when attempting to connect to the SMS database, why is the following error in the a.log?

Failed to drop connection. Return code: 2401


SMS Connector* 6.1.5 (1005) and earlier
Microsoft SMS* 2003
Notification Server 6.0.5287, 6.0.6074


The Altiris SMS Connector user interface is not completely clear in outlining exactly what is required to make the connections. There are two connections that must be made, and if either of these are made incorrectly, connection to the SMS server will not function, and we cannot forward information from the Notification Server to an SMS server.

The first connection, shown in the first image below, displays the information and credentials needed for connectivity for the SMS Server itself. The SMS server name (NETBIOS resolvable) or the server's IP address is necessary. You must also know the SMS Site Code. The credentials are required as well, and must be Local Administrator Equivalent credentials.

The second connection, shown in the image below, displays the database connection portion of the SMS Connector for Software Delivery Synchronization. As the User Interface offers the option to accept authentication via the application credentials, or a windows account, and even though the actual Microsoft SMS database server is configured to exclusively accept Windows Authentication, the login fails. This occurs because this connection is designed to only pass a SQL login.


To resolve the issues found under the General tab of the SMS Connector, it is most important to make sure that the credentials used represent an account that has local Administrative rights on the SMS Server.

To resolve the issues found under the Synchronization tab, you must understand that the credentials required here are SQL login credentials for the SQL database that the SMS server is using, and not Windows Authentication credentials. If the SMS database is using Windows Authentication, it must be reconfigured to support both SQL and Windows Authentication. Once that is complete, either of the two following methods can be used to correctly resolve connection to the SMS server using the Altiris SMS Connector:
  1. A future release of the connector is under development. This version of the connector changes the User Interface in such as way as to clearly instruct the end user to only provide a valid SQL login credential to access the SMS database. As soon as this is available, it will be attached to this article. Again, please make sure that the SMS SQL server is configured for both Windows  and SQL Authentication.
  2. Make sure that you only use a SQL login credential for this connection.

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