Release Update NB_NOM_6.5.6.x64.exe provides fixes for Veritas NetBackup (tm) Operations Manager on 64-bit Windows Servers.

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Release Update NB_NOM_6.5.6.x64.exe provides fixes for Veritas NetBackup (tm) Operations Manager on 64-bit Windows Servers.


NB 6.5GA Pack NB_NOM_6.5.6 README                                 April 27, 2010
This Release Update provides fixes to the Veritas NetBackup(tm) Operations
Manager (NOM) product for Windows servers.



    --  Check the compatibility matrices on the Support web site for operating
        system (OS) dependencies and support issues.


** The content of this online Readme supersedes the information in the Readme
contained in the download. **

NOTE: Click on the "Download Now" link, near the bottom of this document prior
     to running either of the following installation procedures for this
     Release Update.

Before installing NOM, please review the following items:

  -  When installing a NetBackup Release Update, you must install the
     NOM 6.5 GA release before you install this Release Update. Failure to
     install NOM in this order result in the following error:

     "The Veritas Release Update install was interrupted before it could be

  -  Symantec recommends that you install NOM on a dedicated server.
     Installation of NOM server software on the same server as NetBackup master
     or media server software is not recommended.

  -  NOM requires VxSSAT (Veritas Authentication Service) to be installed
     prior to the installation of this Release Update.

  -  It may take a longer time than normal to install on the NOM server if
     Sybase Anywhere is also installed on NOM server. Please verify that the
     NOM server where you are trying to upgrade NOM does not have any instance
     of Sybase Anywhere installed.

To install this Release Update:

1) Run setup.exe by double-clicking on the icon from File Manager or Windows
  Explorer.  Setup.exe can alternatively be run from the command prompt.

  Setup.exe will stop the appropriate NOM services, install the necessary
  files and restart NOM services.

2) (Optional) Remove the temporary directory created in the download

NOTE:  When upgrading to this Release Update, Symantec recommends that you
      upgrade in the following sequence:

      1. Stop NetBackup and NOM services.
      2. Upgrade NOM to NB_NOM_6.5.6.
      3. Restart the NetBackup and NOM services.

**Important notice regarding un-installs on Windows**
Only the last Release Update installed on a Windows system can be un-installed.
Therefore, if more than one Release Update has been installed, only the most
recent version will be uninstalled.

To Uninstall:
1) Go to the Add/Remove programs dialog box and select the correct Release
  Update to be uninstalled and click Remove.

  You will be prompted for confirmation.  Click Yes to uninstall this Release


NB_NOM_6.5.6.winnt.x64_351804.exe (104.3 MBytes)

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