Troubleshooting Lotus Domino Enumeration with Backup Exec 2010

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Troubleshooting Lotus Domino Enumeration with Backup Exec 2010


Enumeration of NSF database files may take a extended period of time to view for backup when publishing the selection list. The following commands may be performed for further review of the condition and of the server and future maintenance.

Evaluating tell DAOSMgr commands

Run each of the following tell DAOSMgr commands at the server console and observe the output:

Command Result
tell DAOSMgr Displays the status of various DAOS Manager Operations
tell DAOSMgr Status Catalog Displays the status of the DAOS Catalog
tell DAOSMgr Dbsummary Displays the status of all DAOS-enabled databases
tell DAOSMgr Databases Displays the status of all DAOS-enabled databases with additional details. For example, a databases last resynchronization point.
tell DAOSMgr ListNLO what to list Lists DAOS Objects (.NLO Files) in the DAOS Storage Repository, allowing an administrator to identify documents whose objects may be missing after an event such as a server restore or the deletion of a database file through the operating system. The missing objects can be restored from a backup. Files are missing when they are still referenced by documents in at least one database, but are no longer present in the repository. Enter -o to specify the name of the output file, the keyword ALL or MISSING to list all or just the missing files, and the name of a database whose objects to list. For example: tell DAOSMgr listnlo-o mymailobjects.txt MISSING mymail.nsf or tell DAOSMgr listnlo-o mytest.txt ALL mail\mymail.nsf. Note: The text file is created dynamically in the Domino directory.
tell DAOSMgr Resync Resynchronizes DAOS-enabled databases with DAOS objects in the storage repository. Resynchronization is necessary whenever DAOS reference counts need to be recalculated. For example, when there has been a database restore, deletion of a database through the operating system, or any other event that can invalidate the count.

For more information, review the DAOS FAQ on the Lotus Notes and Domino wiki page:

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